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Tissue cassettes
Chemical Resistant  Disposable  
Processing, embedding, sectioning and storing tissue samples
Histology is one of the most important subcategories of medicine, whether in diagnosis and treatment or in researches. Among different stages of tissue preparation, both in biopsy and autopsy samples, two primary stages namely tissue fixation and dehydration are essential and if they are well done, the rest of the process will be easy.One way to facilitate these stages is using an appropriate tissue cassette. P.I.P. tissue processing cassette is disposable, made of high-density Acetal polymer and apart from resistance to the common solvents in histology, will keep the sample totally immersed in the fluids. This instrument is designed for all the stages of processing, embedding, sectioning and storing tissue samples and it can be used from the beginning until the end. 
P.I.P. tissue processing cassettes have 1mm x 5mm slots on its lid and base and these are embedded in a way that both in fixing stage, fixative solvent will easily pass through and in dehydration stage alcohol and Xylene easily pass and reach the tissues.User can single-handedly open and close the lid 
due to its hinges. There is also an oblique anterior writing area to label the sample and sort it.
After preparation, user can apply the same cassette for paraffin wax embedding and after taking it out, it can be easily put in the microtome. Besides, after paraffin wax embedding, because of the uniformity and homogeneousness of the cassettes, they can be simply archived in order.
This instrument is available in different colors to assign each color to one class, easily sort and retrieve the samples. The label part has an angle of 45º which is suitable to be labeled by the machine.

Iran Code. Dimension mm


41 × 29 × 6