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Alla FranceAlla France

Country: France

Alla France was found in the 18th century. In the eighteenth & nineteenth century this company was already making manufacturing measuring instruments. During the last ten years, Alla France has tripled their production surface area. They produce in a modern and custom-built factory. Their area of Expertise is producing different types of Thermometers, Hydrometers, Psychrometers (Thermo-hygrometers), Digital Timers, Hand Held and Digital Refractometers etc. Their products cover the needs of industrial and medical laboratories, petrochemical industry, food industry, aquaculture, agriculture, poultry farming, research and educational centers.


Country: Germany

HBG has been active since 1957. This is a company with many years of experience in the field of pipettes and laboratory glassware. Beyond their big product range, HBG can offer you every customized version of pipettes. HBG products are available on all 5 continents. Their area of Expertise is producing different types of Pipettes, Volumetric Glassware, and their accessories.

Country: Germany
Erka has been active since 1889. Erka is a traditional family company that has been developing outstanding medical equipment of the highest precision and quality for more than 120 years. They are famous for their innovation, continuity and reliability. They have obtained the CEO124. Their area of Expertise is producing different types of Blood Pressure Measurement Equipment (Professional and Homecare), Stethoscopes, Pressure Infusion Cuffs and OEM Production.
Country: Germany
The name TGI stands for all-round competence in glass and dependable cooperation with customers throughout the world. TGI produces a huge variety of special technical glasses customized exactly to the needs of our customers. Their area of Expertise is producing different types of Laboratory and Household Glassware, Sight and Gauge Glasses, Pressed Technical Glasses, Glass Tubes, Capillaries and Rods.
Country: India
Microlit has been active since 1991 which is ISO 9001:2008 certified company and all their products are CE certified. Offering a complete range of Micropipettes, Bottle Top Dispensers, and Electronic Pipette Filling Devices, Pipette stands and tips, Microlit has proven its competence and vision.
Country: Taiwan
IN4 Care’s area of Expertise is producing different types of Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers and other equipment related to Health.
Country: China
Niangbo Jianbei Mingzhu started its activity in 1988 and now, globally standardized, is one of the pioneers of producing Slides and Coverslips.